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    how does project manager handles project rescheduling due to sudden changes?


    In real world some of the projects doesn't proceed as what it was planned especially for IT projects which has the highest success rate. if the project is not progressing well, the project has to be reschedule in terms of resources.

    my question is, how would the project managers reschedule the resources in real world in order to put back the project on the right track whenever a crisis occur?? what is the conventional way of rescheduling the project whenever there is a sudden changes in the project?? examples of changes would be what if the completion date is bring forward or extend? what if a task which lies on a critical path is not completed whereas it must be completed at this time according to the project schedule as planned in the beginning??

    I will be appreciate you all who assist me in this area which I'm not able to figure it out due to lack of experience. Thank you everyone.

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    Re: how does project manager handles project rescheduling due to sudden changes?

    In the case of milestone being carried forward, we have to put in more resources to meet the milestone - which also mean that we need to assess the possibility of pushing some less prioritized tasks back.

    Where all possibilities are being considered, tasks that are high risk proned should be amplified to the management during management meeting. In this case, 'communication' is important to get help from the management.

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