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Thread: [RESOLVED] window.open is not working since AJAX

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    [RESOLVED] window.open is not working since AJAX


    i had an aspx file, which included this code behind:
    Response.Write("<script type=\'text/javascript\'>" + "window.open(\'selCols.aspx?bd=" + vidBaseDatos + "&vista=" + vidVista + "\', \'VentanaEmergente\', " + "\'width=800, height=600, scrollbars=yes, resizable=no\')" + "</script>");

    it used to open another popup windows, in which i selected some items and save those items...

    but since i use AJAX (ScriptManager and UpdatePanels) it gives me a ParserErrorException or somethign like that once it gets to my Response.Write...

    how can i get it to work now?
    i've read that with ScriptManager.RegisterClientBlock or StartupScript... but when i try it it fails because i use this in my aspx file:
    partial class vistas : ExtensionPagina.PaginaBase
    and not the system.web.ui page...

    so, when i try the above... it stops recognizing me my ScriptManager control...

    thanks in advance...

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    Re: window.open is not working since AJAX

    i've solved it
    for future references:

    System.Web.UI.ScriptManager.RegisterClientScriptBlock(UpdatePanel1, this.GetType(), "SCRIPT", "window.open('page.aspx')", true);

    take care

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