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Thread: Store object in cookie?

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    Store object in cookie?

    I am working on a simple little Ajax app that displays flash video. But I am running into limits with I think some sort of garbage collection with flash that is forcing me to have to refresh to clear it. I canít have more than 14 instances of it loaded. After that it just wonít display it. So if for example I use even a real basic method like innerHTML to load a small flash app into a tag then clear it and reload a new one after 14 they stop working. The code is 100% JavaScript in a single object. Is there a way to store an object and its current properties in a cookie that can be easily unloaded on a refresh?

    Side note, has anyone run into a similar issues with flash instance limits before?

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    Re: Store object in cookie?

    You could use cookies. Or you could use a frameset with one frame hidden and pass information between windows. Personally, there has to be a better solution. Can you post all relevant code?
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