Hello, i'm doing a senior design project and i don't know a whole lot about c++ programs. I bought a k8055 board that came with an open source program. I need to modify this program to detect our chip, take digital inputs, and send digital ouput. A simple C++ program that would do the same thing would be fine also. I just can't decipher the source code for the program that came with the chip. A little background about what i'm trying to do is have a program that detects our k8055 board, takes digital inputs, sends these inputs into microsoft access or excel. Also i need to need to do this for a pda running windows mobile. Does anyone know if a regualr c++ program will work on that. I think this is the correct files. This forum would not let me upload the files straight from the cd because it said that they were too large. Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated.