Ajax back button problem
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Thread: Ajax back button problem

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    Question Ajax back button problem

    Hi friends
    Am working on an ASP.NET project that uses ajax for filling the dropdown lists.Its a search page and user have to select some search criteria.Dropdowns are filled with data using ajax.After a search if user presses back button the dropdowns that are filled in client side is not maintaining the data.
    How can i store the previous state to deal with the back button.?

    Plz help.

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    Re: Ajax back button problem

    The back button is completely controlled by the browser. It relies upon what the browser thinks is the correct cache for that page. I don't believe that there is a solution for this.
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    Post Re: Ajax back button problem


    Ya back button is browser's own thing.we cannot access that.I know that.
    I found something in net.This article uses javascript to override the back button problem.I couldnt understand this fully but i am going through it.They are using IFrames for it.


    There is also a javascript toolkit DOJO which is said to have solved back button problem.

    Those who have problems with back button just go through it.

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    Re: Ajax back button problem

    i thought the window's onload event is fired when you hit the "back" button. have you tried to run your "ajax" there? think it will work.

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    Re: Ajax back button problem

    yes the onload event is fired.I need to call the binding functions again to show the previous data in dropdown.

    But i stored all html containing the dropdowns in an hidden field and i am showing it again

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    Re: Ajax back button problem

    do you use one form per page?

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