I'm writing an adobe plugin that is searching through pdf's for text that has the annotation strikeout.

I can find the annotation, but it selects text that is above and blow the text that has the strikeout.

I know PDF works in blocks, I was wondering, when I retrieve the block and the text in the block is there a way to determine what text in the block has the annotation?

Code so far :-
	for (int iPageCount = 0; iPageCount < iNumPages; iPageCount++)
		//Aquire each page in the document in each round of the loop
		PDPage thisPDPage = PDDocAcquirePage (thisPDDoc, iPageCount);
		//Aquire PDEContent object for the page
		PDEContent thisPDEContent = PDPageAcquirePDEContent(thisPDPage, gExtensionID);
		//Loop through the number of annotations on the page
		for (int iAnnotCount = 0; iAnnotCount < PDPageGetNumAnnots(thisPDPage); iAnnotCount++)
			//We are only interested in annotations of type 'Strikout' as these are the annotations to be redacted
			PDAnnot thisPDAnnot = PDPageGetAnnot (thisPDPage, iAnnotCount);
			if(PDAnnotIsValid(thisPDAnnot) && PDAnnotGetSubtype(thisPDAnnot) == ASAtomFromString("StrikeOut"))

				ASFixedRect thisASFixedRect;
				//Get the Rectangle points for the Annotated text.
				PDAnnotGetRect(thisPDAnnot, &thisASFixedRect);

				//Retrieve the text from inside the rectangle.
				PDTextSelect thisPDTextSelect = PDDocCreateTextSelect(thisPDDoc, iPageCount, &thisASFixedRect);
				// Enumerate the text to build the linked list of words
				if (thisPDTextSelect)

					FRSelection					selection;
					FRSelectionContext			context;

					// Initialise the selection
					selection.numWords = 0;

					// ISSUE 5591 REWORK JP 11/01/2006 Initialise pointer
					selection.words = NULL;

					// Initialise the context for the text selection processing
					context.pageView = pageView;
					context.selection = &selection;

					context.currentWord = NULL;

					context.wordListTail = &context.selection->words;

					PDTextSelectEnumText (thisPDTextSelect, ASCallbackCreateProto (PDTextSelectEnumTextProc, &PDTextSelectEnumTextCB), &context);			

					// Reset the current row/word pointers to the head of the linked list
					context.currentWord = context.selection->words;

					// Enumerate the quads and assigne them to words			
					PDTextSelectEnumQuads (thisPDTextSelect, ASCallbackCreateProto (PDTextSelectEnumQuadProc, &PDTextSelectEnumQuadCB), &context);

					RedactFRSelection(thisPDEContent, selection);

					PDEPath thisPDEPath = CreateStrokedAndFilledRectPDEPathFromASFixedRect(thisASFixedRect);
				//Remove the StikeOut Annotation once it has been redacted.
				PDPageRemoveAnnot(thisPDPage, iAnnotCount);

Any help would be extremely grateful!