I am trying to follow the AJAX example at the following location with slight modification:

I am using 2 user controls on a Page; one with the UpdatePanel, and the other with Repeater control. My intention is to bind the Repeater control with a data source from stored procedure, and by mouse-hovering on the bounded item, it would call the Update method for the UpdatePanel which is placed on the first user control.

I am able to do an experiment on button click event, since I can call the Update method of UpdatePanel in the code behind. I am trying to do this on the MouseHover event on a <A href="" onmouseover=""></A> tag. Since onmouseover is not supported with the code-behind, I can only think of using the <Script> tag, using Javascript. But, how can I reference the first UserControl (the one that has UpdatePanel in place) and call the Update method?

Otherwise, is there any way to use Javascript to raise an event on the server and notify the server to run the Update method for the first user control?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks