We get a lot of requests to create a new forum on a variety of topics. While it would be great to create forums on every topic imagineable, we've learned that some topics simply end up with no traffic and thus simply take up space.

Having said that, if you have an idea for a new forum, feel free to submit it. However, in almost all cases we will not create the forum unless there are a number of people who commit to posting in the forum on a regular basis. This will help to insure that the forum can succeed and not just take space.

To set a guideline, let me suggest the following:

If you want a new forum topic, then I suggest you post a new new thread in the feedback forum (this one) with a subject of "Who else will support a new forum on XXXX?" and then see if you can get five others to agree to help. If you get five others to agree to help support it and to post within it, then I will give serious consideration to creating the forum topic.

Having said that, the topic does need to be related to the topic of this site, topics such as coding, programming, or development in general. In some cases I might be willing to create a forum area with fewer people agree; however, those will be extreme exceptions to the general 'rule'.