Hi I'm new here.
I am currently working on a program to control a RC-Car with my keyboard.
I have written a code that allows me to send a number to a PIC-microcontroller which is connected to the original controller for the car over the serial port. I have made it so that I can send numbers from 1-8, each corresponding to a 'mode', so that 1 is drive straight forward, 2 is drive back etc. I currently write these numbers in a textbox and send them with a button in a windows forms application in C++ using Microsoft Visual C++.

What I wanna do is enable the user to control the car with the arrow-key on the keyboard. That way I could do some simple stuff like sending a specific number to the microcontroller if a combination of the arrowkeys, like right+up, was pressed. This is where I run into some problems.

I have been googling alot to find info on how to do this and have found several articles on the Microsoft website, but these solutions are all too advanced for me, and even though it seems to be easy-to-follow guides, I am unable to do this as my knowledge of C++ is very limited.
(http://support.microsoft.com/kb/816190) and

It seems simple enough, and so was the sending og bits to the microcontroller, but for some reason it seems to be very difficult to capture these keyevents, even though it was extremely easy in Javascript. Is there anyone here that would be so kind as to tell me how to do this in a simple way?