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Thread: Java Coding

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    Java Coding

    Problem 1:-
    A rare book collector recently discovered a book written in an unfamiliar language that used the same
    characters as the English language. The book contained a short index, but the ordering of the items in the index
    was different from what one would expect if the characters were ordered the same way as in the English
    alphabet. The collector tried to use the index to determine the ordering of characters (i.e., the collating
    sequence) of the strange alphabet, then gave up with frustration at the tedium of the task. You are to write a
    program to complete the collector's work. In particular, your program will take a set of strings that has been
    sorted according to a particular collating sequence and determine what that sequence is.

    Sample Input:-

    The input consists of an ordered list of strings of uppercase letters, one string per line. Each string contains at
    most 20 characters. The end of the list is signalled by a line that is the single character '#'. Not all letters are
    necessarily used, but the list will imply a complete ordering among those letters that are used. A sample input
    file is shown below.

    Sample Output:

    Your output should be a single line containing uppercase letters in the order that specifies the collating sequence
    used to produce the input data file. Correct output for the input data file above is shown below.

    Can any buddy help me Plz send me the JAVA CODING OF THIS PROGRAM

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    Re: Java Coding


    No one is going to help you when you post something like that.

    Quick Tip: Show some effort

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