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Thread: Scheduled Services..

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    Question Re: Scheduled Services..

    Quote Originally Posted by Arjay
    No, but I can get you started. Run "Start\Control Panel\Schedule Tasks\Add Scheduled Task". You should be able to figure it out from there.

    Search Google for "Programmatically Task Scheduler".

    Yeah I know how to add a scheduled task!

    However I didnt find any Windows API or BCL method which can do it programmatically (on google)..
    I can run the scheduled task, its just another application but I didnt find anything which can add a task to a scheduler or may be programmatically add interval parameters which would start it after certain interval..
    Infact this was my initial approach..
    But when I didnt find anything, I moved to the scheduled Services approach..

    I'd appreciate if you could help me over adding the task to scheduler and passing interval parameters too..

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    Re: Scheduled Services..

    Look through the links again in the google search: "Programmatically Task Scheduler".

    Maybe try looking at the one that says "Using The Windows Task Scheduler" with the subheading of "Detailed information can be found in the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) documentation on how to programmatically control the Task Scheduler."

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