Hi ,
i'm using asyncronous socket programming in my application and
database is in another remote server.
if I send a msg from client to server the server has to take that message as a keyword to search something in the database.
but if the database connectivity is lost it can have one more option to search in a local xml .file.
This works fine when the conection between client -server and server -to remote databse server is fine.

but if the server to remote database connectivity is lost and still the client - server connectivity is fine,
then my client keep on sending commands to server where the server keep on looking for database connectivity and after a long period of time ,
the control coming to application to work with xml file.

i need to avoid the client from keep on sending commands. once it is searching for databse connectivity ,
since i'm using asyncronous sockets i'm not aware of what is happening once the handler is being created.

anybody can help me in this..

thanks and regards