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Thread: ComboBox selection behavior

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    ComboBox selection behavior

    i use
    a combobox with
    AutoCompleteMode = Append
    AutoCompleteSource = Listitems
    DropDownStyle = DropDown

    i add some items

    and fire it up

    then i enter my combobox and type it "guess" the items as i write and when i press retrun or exit it have the correct item selected

    then i try to click my dropdown button part of the list box and see the list
    and if i then type in the text part it also "guess" as one would expect
    but unless i press TAB it never end up having the item
    selected as i leave the combobox

    this puzzel me a great deal

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    Re: ComboBox selection behavior

    This is odd.
    I think, I did see that too, but what I did was just to change the autoCompleteSource property to something else ( I think it was Custom ) , then added a custom list. Ran it. Changed back the properties to reflect yours, and now it seems to be working fine. To be honest, I don't know what happened, or whether this post is even useful to you, but, I'm inlcuding mine here ( as I've said, I don't get that behaviour anymore )

    I sincerely hope my post was useful.
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    Re: ComboBox selection behavior

    well i'm just happy to get a reply

    but the problem is still there for me also using your code
    i tried to add a custom source with some of the same numbers
    and changed the source to that
    as you put in the box's but still no luck

    as soon as i have the dropdown open
    and write and it append as it should
    but any press of return result in no item
    but any press of tab does work

    imho it's not what one would expect it to do

    tried with both 2005 .net2 and 2008 .net3.5 and not change

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