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Thread: What should be the Row filter for this???

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    What should be the Row filter for this???

    I have a Datatable in the following format

    Colum1 Colum2
    xxx aaa
    xxx bbb
    xxx ccc
    yyy aaa
    yyy a

    and so on...

    I need to create a view to get all the rows with Column1="a particular value" and coulmn2="a combination of column2 values"....or the row filer for the view should be "Column1=xxx" and Column2="aaa AND bbb"..or in other words i need to retrieve rows xxx,aaa and xxx,bbb.I want to eliminate xxx,ccc...how to specify the row filter for this????

    I'm bit new to this,so it would be helpful if you can mention what would be the fastest way to retrieve such an information from a datatable..as my datatable contains more than a million rows..


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    Re: What should be the Row filter for this???

    Fastest option would be stored procedure. Next comes SQL query. Next comes DataView.

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