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Thread: Preparing a Dictionary out of a huge XML.

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    Preparing a Dictionary out of a huge XML.

    I have the below mentioned XML and i need to populate a dictionary out of it...

    <IntrestedBook AuthorName="XXX" Book="YYY" ID="1"/>
    <IntrestedBook AuthorName="XXX" Book="AAA" ID="2"/>
    <IntrestedBook AuthorName="XXX" Book="BBB" ID=" "/>
    <IntrestedBook AuthorName="CCC" Book="YYY" ID="5" Link="tttt"/>
    <IntrestedBook AuthorName="CCC" Book="YZY" ID="7"/>
    <IntrestedBook AuthorName="XXX" Book="XDY" ID="10"/>
    <IntrestedBook AuthorName="CCC" Book="BBB" ID="3" Link="ssss"/>
    I need a dictionary which should be of the following form

    Dictionary<string,List<string>>...where key should represent author name and value should represent books written by him..

    In normal cases it's very easy...but my issue is that the XML is very very huge...more than 1 million Intrestedbook nodes are there...and when i use XMLDocument to parse this xml...the CPU utilization shoots'm planning for XMLReader...which i read somewhere is very fast compared to XMLDocument..

    now,the question do i parse it you might notice there is a one to many mapping between AuthorName and Book...should i be checking for the elements or for attributes...what would be an efficient parsing algorithm...???

    Thanks in advance..

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    Re: Preparing a Dictionary out of a huge XML.

    Just read using an XmlReader and it'll be fine. XmlDocument loads the entire thing into memory at the same time, XmlReader doesn't. That's why it'll be better to use it. For all your .NET bittorrent needs

    NOTE: My code snippets are just snippets. They demonstrate an idea which can be adapted by you to solve your problem. They are not 100% complete and fully functional solutions equipped with error handling.

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