Currently i am working on the MsDataGrid control which is MSDATGRD.OCX.
I need to get the data from the currently selected row and i found its solution on http://www.codeguru.com/forum/showth...hreadid=246913.

Now the problem is , I need to use the class SelBookmarks which he said on the codeguru's thread that "You can get this class from MSDATGRD.OCX" .

I did use add references feature of VS but still i cant find this class or am i doing something wrong to import SelBookmarks from this OCX.

I will be very thankful if some one could guide me right direction.


my code is below:

VARIANT index, colindex;
index.vt = VT_I4;
SelBookmarks *sels = (SelBookmarks *)m_datagridctrl.GetSelBookmarks();
long selcount = sels->GetCount();

and his comments were:
"Use SelBookmarks not CSelBookmarks. You can get this class from the MSDATGRD.OCX"