Hello friends,

I have been looking to solve this problem from last many days but couldnot find a way.

I am getting a very unusual error.

I have a page with an updatepanel contol which contains a dropdown user control. On partial postback in the updatepanel the
"Page Title" changes from "Website®" to "Website®"....It is not taking the special character symbol after post back.

I will try to explain the same thing in a different way.

There is a account history page where we have a drop down control (in update panel) to select months for checking user's account statement. Now when we are on the account history page, the title bar shows correct title"blahblah®" but just when we select some value from the drop down control on the same page, the title changes to blahblah®

Please see if somebody can help me in debugging this.

I will really appreciate any help.

Thanks in advance

It's easy to fix once you know what the problem is, but debugging is a major problem