Hello all,

I have been programming quite a while, and so far, I have managed to steer my self clear from using third party libraries. Mostly i did it by implementing all of the required functions by myself. But now i have to work with DICOM data, and it seems to me a bit tedious to implement it myself .

I have decided that I wanted to use Imebra (http://puntoexe.com/). I have downloaded the package, and now i have a large ammount of code files.

but now....

I don't know how to continue. My questions are:

Should i make a library out of it, so that i can link all my programs with this library? (I never did that either) If so, how should i do that?

What other options do i have?

Could anybody give me a precise overview on how to do that? I have been at this point before with many packages, but never been able to find a satisfying answer on the internet.

I am using Visual studio 2008


Gao Han