How do i set up two trace listeners which does tracing on the basis of some condition???


My application has a trace listener setup which outputs the trace messages into a log file.I need to write another trace listener which basically outputs specific traces into a control(RichtextBox).The application has traces sprinkled all over and all those traces are meant to go to the log file.Now i need to put traces based on some specific functionalities being performed.Those traces should be going to my Control.

For example:

All traces for a server roundtrip goes to the log file along with the request and response XML's

Traces like **Operation Started**,**Operation ended** should go to my control.

I have setup a seperate tracelistener whose write method outputs the trace to the control,but the issue is that whenever i say Trace.WriteLine("someTrace") both my traces are getting called.How do i filter this and direct specific traces to file and specific traces to control.