Nevron Chart for .NET is powerful, flexible, extensible and user-friendly. It aims to provide your applications with data visualization capabilities, which will significantly improve the looks and penetration of your product. Nevron Chart for .NET is a unique component, because it combines visual richness with a vast amount of charting and gauge types grouped together in a comprehensible and extensible API. This makes Nevron Chart for .NET the only complete component for building rich presentation, financial, scientific and business dashboards for WinForm and WebForm deployment. Following is a list of the new features introduced in this release:

Scale Breaks
The component introduces scale breaks with controllable position, scale break inflate and style (wave, straight, zig zag and scientific). There are two types of scale breaks:
Automatic Scale Breaks - automatic scale breaks allow you to dynamically analyze gaps in data and collapse parts of the chart x, y or depth axis so that the data becomes more readable.
Custom Scale Breaks - custom scale breaks allow you to collapse user defined ranges on the chart axis. You can mix automatic and custom scale breaks on every chart axis.

Automatic Chart Axis Labels Orientation
The component will automatically orient labels in 3D to the scale ruler orientation when you rotate the chart thus making it more readable. You can also instruct the component to prevent texts from flipping.

Automatic Gauge Axis Labels Orientation
The component will automatically orient gauge axis labels relatively to their position on the radial or linear gauge ruler. You can also instruct the component to prevent texts from flipping.

Automatic Pie Data Label Layout
The component will automatically layout the pie labels so that they do not overlap.

Dynamic image map in AJAX mode
In Q1 2008 Nevron web components now support a dynamic image map that can be automatically updated at the client on every callback. The developer has control over when the image map is generated when is and updated on the client. The dynamic image map allows client side filtering of mouse events and prevents unnecessary callbacks for server side hit testing.

Controller-Tools Architecture in AJAX mode
Controller and tools are added to the Nevron client side JavaScript framework. All mouse events are now processed by the controller, which allows for implementing complex mouse handling logic and combining callback event processing with pure client side event processing.

New AJAX tools
Based on the controller-tools architecture, the following tools were added: - Click, double click, mouse down, mouse up, mouse move, mouse over and mouse out callback tools – intercept the mouse events and route them to the server for processing; - Dynamic cursor tool– changes the mouse cursor over interactive visual elements; - Redirect tool– redirects the browser to a specified URL when interactive visual elements are clicked; - Tooltip tool– displays tooltips over interactive visual elements.

Print Manager for Web Forms
None of the most popular web browsers is capable of printing really large images. Nevron .NET Vision Q1 2008 introduces a new HTTP handler that generates HTML, suitable for printing.

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System / Platform Requirements
32-bit Windows Operating System (WIN 95, WIN 98, NT4.0, Win2000, Win2003 or WinXP) with installed .NET framework 1.0 or 2.0. Note that the WebForms control will work only on machines with installed IIS (Internet Information Services).
256 megabytes of RAM (128 or higher megabytes recommended)
250 MB hard disc space.
Super VGA video card or higher. Graphics hardware acceleration recommended for WinForms applications.
Visual Studio .NET