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Thread: c++ stacked bar graph

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    c++ stacked bar graph

    I am looking for a free, light weight c++ library that can create stacked bar graphs / histograms and output them as an image file (PNG would be preferrable). I have searched the forums and have not found any info regarding this.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: c++ stacked bar graph

    You could try FLTK. It doesn't have stacked barcharts: only ordinary barcharts but it does come with source code and a nice set of test programs which you can use as starting points, though the coding style is "this is only an example so one letter variables are OK". The library is quite small and it will work on both Windows and Linux. I haven't tried it on any other operating systems.

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    Re: c++ stacked bar graph

    Thanks for the help. However, I dont see a way to output the graphs created to a file. I dont need any gui support. I simply want to feed it data through its API and have it output an image file of the graph. Am I missing something? Is this possible with fltk?

    thanks for the help!.

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