Xcopy problem
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Thread: Xcopy problem

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    Xcopy problem

    I have a batchjob that copies all the directories, sub-directories and all the files from one directory on one of my servers to another server into a backup file. There is a log file that contains a list of all the files that were copied. What I want to do now is to copy all the directories and files from a directory on a server to a new location on the same server and to have the log file get updated with a list of the copied directories and files.

    Here is a copy of the Xcopy that is working for me.

    xcopy "\\Tundra2\Workgrps\Transfer" "\\kobuk\e$\Transfer_folder_backup\Transfer" /d/e/q/c/y >>"\\kobuk\e$\Transfer_folder_backup\filesCopied.log"

    Here is a copy of the Xcopy that is not working for me.

    xcopy e:\Workgrps\Test_bkup c:\Transfer_Folder_Backup\Test_bkup /e/q/c/y "c:\Transfer_Folder_Backup\filesCopied.log"

    Thanks for any help you can offer.

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    Re: Xcopy problem

    Not working in what respect?

    The last line is without >> is that a typo?

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    Re: Xcopy problem

    You omit the quotes? ""

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    Re: Xcopy problem

    Looks to me like the missing redirect is likely the problem

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    Re: Xcopy problem

    I agree with WillAtwell...


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