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Thread: C++ and 'Make'

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    Re: C++ and 'Make'

    many thanks, Duoas, for that specific information on the Borland. I am going to need to learn more about this in the future.

    In any case, I'm giving Visual C++ a try, downloaded Visual Studio 2008 with C++ Express edition (and was very happy I did, the free game development tool looks interesting)

    anyway, i opened the folder titled 'visualce' in the aforementioned library 'free type 2' which i'm trying to install (I chose 'visualce' cuz I figured the 'e' might stand for 'express') I found a Visual C++ project file inside, and clicking on it automatically opened up the VC++ express editor. I was able to compile the project successfully.

    So now I'm just wondering what to do now that the code's compiled. I need to be able to access it from another project. I can't seem to find any created object files, or dll's, which i thought would happen. Though I may be looking in the wrong place.

    hmmm... this thread has gone from a non visual C++ thread to a visual C++ thread. Maybe I should start a new thread in the Vis C++ forums....
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