I had someone created 5 reports in Crystal Reports for me, I asked them to send a back up, me thinking I could then import them into my Crystal Reports!! Being a newbie I obviously didn't know some things!!

Anyway, so I get these 5 reports, I open one in Crystal Reports.

I then try to connect to database to view the data, but I can't

When the OLE DB (ADO) connection wizard appears my server is not offered in drop down, therefore I cannot enter UserID, PAssword, DAtabase etc. To remotely connect to my database.

What I do get the name of the Crystal Reports expert as Server, that is the only option I get.

Therefore I cannot review the reports he created.

I should say if I create new report I can access the database, as I can select the remote server etc.

Any ideas on how to solve this?

Any help would be great