I got a weird error which iam struggling to fix for soo many days. I need u guys help. please help me. I got a web service in win 2003 server which access the database to do insert operation (dataadapter.update(dataset)). This webservice is called by 2 applications. one is client server application(winform poped up in browser at client side takes input file and processes to a dataset and calls webservice to insert into database using (dataadapter.update(dataset)). the second application(asp.net app) rests in same server calls webservice and does same operation inserting into database using same statement works fine). The problem arose when i migrated from .net 1.1 to .net 2.0 framework.

The error message iam getting is:
"System.data.odbc.odbcexception ERROR [07002] [IBM][iSeries Access ODBC Driver]Wrong number of parameters".

Please help me. iam inserting it into db2 database(as400) . The server has v5r4 client access software. If u need further info please let me know.

I caught the dataset just before the insert operation and wrote it to a xml to check the condition of dataset(to verify any damage in network). It looks fine and i used same dataset to build insert statements to enter manually into database. So i believe there is some security or access provider issue.