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Thread: sqldataadapter.Update error

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    sqldataadapter.Update error


    I'm getting an error when trying to update using dataAdapter.

    The error I'm getting is:

    System.Data.DBConcurrencyException: Concurrency violation: the UpdateCommand affected 0 records.
    at System.Data.Common.DbDataAdapter.Update(DataRow[] dataRows, DataTableMapping tableMapping)
    at System.Data.Common.DbDataAdapter.Update(DataSet dataSet, String srcTable)

    I start by creating a dataadapter using 2 select statements as below:

    daUpdateFileData = new SqlDataAdapter("select id, folder, fileName, fileSize, fileDate, isLocked, dtsCreated from dbo.ftp_files where (IsLocked = 1); select id, folder, fileName, fileSize, fileDate, isLocked, dtsCreated from dbo.ftp_files_results", sqlConn);

    create the insert update and delete commands using:

    SqlCommandBuilder cmdBldr = new SqlCommandBuilder(daUpdateFileData);

    fill the dataset using

    daUpdateFileData.Fill(dsUpdateFileData, "test_table");

    set a datatable to the second table using:

    DataTable updatetbl = dsUpdateFileData.Tables[1];

    then loop through this table and update the dataset using

    daUpdateFileData.Update(dsUpdateFileData, "test_table1");

    any ideas whats wrong as I thought if you pass a tablename to the fill method it creates incremental names for the tables with multiple datasest i.e tablenameN...

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    Resolved Re: sqldataadapter.Update error

    I did not want to continue reading your post , because what you wrote even in your comment is wrong. In your Command object your Query does not even update , here is an example of Update

      Dim  con as  New SqlConnection(constr)
      Dim  cmdUpdate  as  New SqlCommand()
      Dim da As new  SqlDataAdapter()
      cmdUpdate.CommandType = CommandType.Text
      cmdUpdate.CommandTimeout = 0
      cmdUpdate.Connection = con
      cmdUpdate.CommandText = "Update Mytable set name= 'Vuyiswa'        where  ID_No = 81 " 
            Catch ex As SqlClient.SqlException
            End Try
    Start Fixing your code if you have Structured it like this and start asking Question.

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