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    Question Question about C++?

    1) Given two integer variables distance and speed , write an expression that divides distance by speed using floating point arithmetic, i.e. a fractional result should be produced.

    2)Given two integer variables num and highest, write a statement that gives highest the same value that num has.

    3) Write a statement to set the value of num to 4 (num is a variablte that has already been declared).

    4)Given an integer variable drivingAge that has already been declared, write a statement that assigns the value 17 to drivingAge .

    5) Given two integer variables oldRecord and newRecord , write a statement that gives newRecord the same value that oldRecord has.

    plz give code for this Q. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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    Re: Question about C++?


    No one here is going to do homework for you. If you have some specific questions or things that you're having trouble with, then ask away.

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    Re: Question about C++?

    Not only did you not learn anything in school, apparently you didn't learn anything last time you posted here either.

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