HI, I use barcode font IDAutomationHC39M, the text of the textObject is assigned by C# program (if it is static text, it is fine). I use Crystal report basic in visual studio 2008. The text's font is set to IDAutomationHC39M.

The Barcode has a good sharp, but it takes too much space. My problem is as followings. It requires 3 characers' space for each character I added in text object. It also takes large amount of marginal space on the top and bottom. If the text has only 10 characters, font size is 48, I have to use the whole line for the TextObject, if I shorten the TextObject, the barcode will breaks into two lines. It also requires 4 times more height for the textObject than the height of the actual text itself.

Please forward instruction. How to make the space precisely.

Thanks in advance.