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Thread: help me urgent

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    Re: help me urgent

    Quote Originally Posted by fabman View Post
    I have no idea... maybe [?
    Did YOU read the FAQ? Or even reply #27...
    If you want to make a personal response back to someone, use private messages instead of responding in the public forum. Private Messages can be sent with the PM button.
    This post was made pubically because you do not have private messaging enabled as outlines in the FAQs

    Please do NOT respond to this post. PM me when you are set up, and this post will be deleted...
    TheCPUWizard is a registered trademark, all rights reserved. (If this post was helpful, please RATE it!)
    2008, 2009,2010
    In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice; in practice there is.

    * Join the fight, refuse to respond to posts that contain code outside of [code] ... [/code] tags. See here for instructions
    * How NOT to post a question here
    * Of course you read this carefully before you posted
    * Need homework help? Read this first

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    Re: help me urgent

    Yes, I did read the faq, first:
    no one should even bother to answer this thread after naming it "help me urgent", that's in the faq

    he uses almost not understandable grammar, and I understand this rule one pretty well, english it's not my first or even second language.

    he's asking us to do his homework.

    He's bumping the thread to move it up.

    I wasn't privatly replying anyone, I was just joking openly with "GCDEF" message, so that's why I use the quote tag, I wasn't PM anyone:

    "Which part of use code tags are you not understanding?" and in the next message dky AGAIN didn't use the [ code ] tags... that was the funny part, which part of a single line explanation didn't this guy understand?. what part he didn't understand, the "[" from the code tag?.

    I did explain this guy ( with your own signature ) how to use the [ code ] tags, to make the code readable, that's all.

    Sorry if I sound rude, it's far from my intention, but it's quite funny ( yep!, that too ) , that you're telling me to read the faq, when this guy has posted SIX TIMES whithout using the [ code ] tags and broke most of the rules that apears on the faq.
    Last edited by fabman; November 18th, 2008 at 02:34 AM.

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    Re: help me urgent

    thk for all done ald!

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