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    Red face Error in sending mails using SMTP in a c++ program

    Good morning guys.

    I am working on an application that should send mails to some recipient. I got a mail address tarek@abcd.fr use it to send a mail to tarek@gmail.com. each time I execute my program I got the following message when I send DATA
    "553 sorry that domain isn't allowed to be relayed thru this mta (#5.7.1) ovh"

    I tried to change my port from 25 to 587 (even 465) but I got the same result.

    I am using Visual Studio 2010 on Windows 8. I f you need more information or explanation, you are welcome.

    Thank you in advance

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    Re: Error in sending mails using SMTP in a c++ program

    'relaying' means you are using an SMTP server to send mail on behalf of a domain ('abcd.fr') that isn't part of the domain(s) the SMTP server belongs to.

    Relaying is typically disabled/disallowed because it's a means a malignent user can send bulk mails without a trace of where they came from, that's typically going to be SPAM anyway.

    -> if you want to send mail FROM 'taker@abcd.fr', you will need to use the SMTP server associated with the abcd.fr domain.

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    Re: Error in sending mails using SMTP in a c++ program

    Thank you OReubens for your answer. I think my problem is with ithentication, I miss somthing. I really don't know how to pass the AUTH LOGIN or the AUTH PLAIN with my username and my password.
    I tried this with Telnet, it worked, but as a buffer in c++, this didn't.

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