Hi, I'm capturing the BeforeNavigate2 event of a web browser control. I want to change the PostData and resend the request (Navigate2). It gets resent, but the post data becomes empty. Here's the event:
void BeforeNavigate2(IDispatch *pDisp, VARIANT * url,VARIANT * Flags,VARIANT * TargetFrameName, VARIANT * PostData,VARIANT * Headers,  VARIANT_BOOL * Cancel) 
	static BOOL isReNavigate = 1;
	if(isReNavigate == 1)
		IWebBrowser2 *iweb = NULL;
		*Cancel = VARIANT_TRUE;
		isReNavigate = 0;
			(pDisp, &IID_IWebBrowser2, (void**)&iweb);
			(iweb, url, Flags, TargetFrameName, PostData, Headers); //the browser opens the url, but no postdata is sent, I've checked that there is suitable data in PostData and it works if I'm not resending (but I need to edit the PostData).
		isReNavigate = 1;
If that's the wrong way, how would you advise to do it? Thanks