There could be some sense of frustration with traditional relational databases when using them in a Web environment.
When building Web applications, such systems can be cumbersome to use, difficult to maintain, and deliver relatively poor performance. Object Orientated databases address many of these fundamental problems, but have a myriad of their own issues.

For the purpose of Web there is an Eloquera, a fusion database.

Architecture and technology specifically targeted at the Web developer.

It provides the desired objectives of speedier development and maintenance. At the same time, it provides the seemingly contradictory benefit of startlingly improved performance. Performance advantages that become more and more evident the more complex the actual environment.

Designers of Eloquera have also recognized that it was important that there should not be any steep learning curve for developers. Hence a familiar SQL interface has been maintained. Existing developers can be up and running with Eloquera in a matter of hours.

Eloquera will radically reduce the cost of web development and maintenance. It provides speed of development in conjunction with dramatically higher production performance, and can scale to massive sized databases.

Some of the unique features their queries can do:

Supported ALMOST operation for approximate search

Powerful regular expressions
SELECT Book WHERE AuthorName REGEX '\w+@[a-z_]+\.[a-z]{2,}'

Culture support
SELECT Book WHERE AuthorName LIKE['ft-FR'] '%Exupery'

Get parent only

At the same time entire interface is very straightforward

For example insert:
db.Insert(new Book());

And to query:
var books = db.ExecuteQuery("SELECT Book WHERE Price > 1e3 ORDER BY Title");

It is even possible to try queries online

It can be downloaded at