Hi everybody. I have been having problems getting my solution to build. I hope somebody can help me because this problem is really tearing me up.

Some background info:
I have a solution with 2 projects - "Client", and "Server". When I started coding, I put all of my unit tests into the Server project because I was too lazy to do it in a more elegant way (right now I have no tests for Client because I haven't really done any development on it). As the project grew in size, this became cumbersome, and it didn't work because the tests and the Server itself both need to build an EXE. So now I'm trying to move all the tests into their own project. By the way, I'm using CppUnit as my testing framework.

As soon as I moved the files to the new project, I set up the linker references to the proper CppUnit libraries. My client and server projects both built fine. But my Tests project failed to link. It gave me the "LINK2019 unresolved external symbol" error. It gave me this error for each function in the Server project that my unit tests called.

I attribute this to the fact that the server's CPP files are in a different directory than those of the test. The linker was unable to find the implementation for the included headers.

Does anyone have a suggestion for a good way to solve this problem?