I need very urgent help on a problem which could be something simple. I have an MS Visual C++ application where I access Excel files for data. I use the MFC DAO method to access these external files to read an update data. Here are the statements I use to open the Excel files:

// open database
dbDatabase.Open(strFileName, FALSE, FALSE, "Excel 8.0;");
if (!dbDatabase.IsOpen()) AfxMessageBox("E-048 Could not open Excel input file.");

This method worked very well until I moved to a Vista computer that uses MS Excel 2007. These statements no longer work and I am not able to open my data files (i.e. external Excel files). I am mot sure whether the problem is a Vista problem or an Excel 2007 problem. I think I need to change the last parameter in the open command "Excel 8.0;" but do not know what to replace it with. Can someone help me with this problem? Any help you offer will be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance. Alice