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    Unhappy 12 Months Rolling Data


    I am trying to generate a report where in I should get 12 months rolling data when triggered on that Month ie say when you generate the report in Nov 08, you should get a report from Dec 07 to Nov 08 and so on...

    Also the same should be presented in the graph and on cross tab.

    Could someone guide me step by step to execute this like, what would be my selection cirteria?

    Please check the formula that I have used.

    if {CHG_Change.Create-date} in dateserial(year(currentdate-1), month(currentdate)-11, 1)to
    dateserial(year(currentdate),month(currentdate)+1, 1)-1 then {CHG_Change.Create-date}

    Though the above formula is correct, in one column it gives a blank field.

    Solution for the above would be much appreciated.


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    Re: 12 Months Rolling Data

    I would limit my data through the database query.. Syntax for that depends which dbms you are using.
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