Hi -

I'm new here so hope I am in the right place.

I have a VB6 application that has run successfully on OS's from 98 to XP, but it is hanging on one Vista machine.

After the splash screen, this application loads a form with a Sheridan Data Grid. It connects to the MS Access db in the Form_Load method of this form. I have added MsgBox statements to see where it is hanging (it is developed on XP then installed on user PC's some of which may run Vista) on the Vista machine. As it turns out, the application hangs on entering the Form_Load method. The message I placed in the Form_Initialize displays fine, but the message included as the first line of the Form_Load method never displays.

I used InstallShield 2009 Pro to build the install. I installed it using a userID with Admin privileges, and am attempting to run it with the same userID using "Run as Administrator". The target system has Vista Ultimate.

Interestingly, I have access to 2 Vista machines with the same OS and pretty much the same software (both are fairly new machines and mostly clean), and the application runs fine on one Vista machine but hangs on the other.

Any ideas will be appreciated.