I use a java applet which displays live stockmarket information, and I want to be able to analyse those prices in a C++ program.

Rather than trying to decompile that applet I think that an easier solution will be to make screen grabs of the desktop and perform a really simple optical character recognition on the resulting bitmap.

My problem is that I do not know how to perform the screen grabs. After some googling it seems that I need to use the function GetDesktopWindow() and the data type HBITMAP, but I'm non the wiser on how to put this together. If I do manage to make a succsessful screen grap to a HBITMAP I will then need to know how HBITMAP stores the image so that I can access the pixels and perform my OCR.

If it is possible I just want to write a consol application as this is all I'm familiar with, I have virtually no experience with visual programs.

Thanks in advance for your help