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    Exclamation conecct four

    ive just started programming, and am struggling rather a lot, i am to make a connect four game which i have started but cannot get past this point,

    could anyone help me with how am i suppose to get the computer to recognise that the cell is occupied and rather than say choose another cell i need it to automatically re place '_' with the '@' above it/

    #include <iostream>

    #include <cstdlib>

    #include <ctime>

    #include <cstdio>

    #include <limits>

    using namespace std;

    using std::cout;

    using std::cin;

    using std::endl;

    int main()


    //char a[] = {'|','_','|','_','|','_','|','_','|','_','|','_','|','_','|'};

    char a[] = {'|','_','|','_','|','_','|','_','|','_','|','_','|','_','|'};

    char b[] = {'|','1','|','2','|','3','|','4','|','5','|','6','|','7','|'};

    char board[6][7];

    int i, j, k =0;

    int row;

    int column;

    int game =1;

    int r = rand() ;

    for (i=0; i<6; i++)

    for (j=0; j<7; j++)

    board[i][j] = ' ';

    srand ( time(NULL) );


    for( j = 0; j<15; j++)

    cout <<b[j];

    cout <<endl;

    for ( i=0; i<6; i++)

    { //cout <<i+1;

    for( j = 0; j<15; j++)

    cout <<a[j];

    cout <<endl;


    while(game ==1)


    cout << "your turn please enter which cell you would like" << endl;

    cin >> column;

    if(board[5][column-1] ==' '){

    board[5][column-1] = '@';

    }else if(board[5][column-1] == '@')

    cout << "Cell Not Empty, Choose another cell" <<endl;


    for( j = 0; j<15; j++)

    cout <<b[j];

    cout <<endl;

    for(i =0; i<6; i++){


    for(j = 0; j<7; j++){

    if(i < 5 && board[i][j] == '@' && board[i+1][j] == ' ') {board[i][j] =' '; board[i+1][j] ='@';}

    if(board[i][j] =='@' ) cout<<board[i][j]<<'|';

    else cout <<'_'<<'|';


    cout <<endl;



    if( k ==10){

    game =0; // game over



    //cout << "thank you, computer's turn" << endl;

    // int r = rand() &#37; 7;
    //cout << (rand() % 6) << endl;
    //cout << (rand() % 7) <<endl;

    cout << "Game over !" <<endl;

    return 0;

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    Re: conecct four

    Please add the closing code tag. The code is impossible to read, but I try anyways:

    Start with level=5, then while level is still positive and the cell at this level (and the user-chosen column) is occupied decrease level.

    After that, if level is negative (ensure it is declared as int, not unsigned int), the whole column is used. Otherwise the field at level is free.
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