Technologies used
- Neodynamic ImageDraw (2.0 or later) for ASP.NET
- Microsoft .NET Framework (2.0 or later)
- Microsoft Visual Studio .NET (2005 or later - Visual Web Developer Express Edition)

In the following guide we'll create a Dynamic Composite Image Map featuring Weather information for ASP.NET Web Applications using Neodynamic ImageDraw. The real time weather information will be obtained consuming Weather RSS Feed powered by Yahoo! Weather

Yahoo! Weather RSS service is used in this Step-By-Step Guide for DEMOSTRATION PURPOSE ONLY. Please, read the "Terms of Use" topic at for more information about it if you pretend to use the RSS service at your live ASP.NET Web Application.

The idea behind this guide is to create Dynamic Composite Image Maps using predefined static images - such as a background and Yahoo! logo; and weather icons and texts that will change depending on the info returned by the Weather RSS Feed. To improve the visual appearance of the final image, some built-in ImageDraw's imaging effects - such as GlassTable (Reflection), Drop Shadows, Rotation, Scaling - are applied on some elements on the image. The following image tries to provide a preview of what we want to accomplish with this demo.
The original files and info that will be merged to create the output weather composite image map.

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