C++ Inventory program (useful util)
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Thread: C++ Inventory program (useful util)

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    C++ Inventory program (useful util)

    I wrote this a while back for my own use as I manage several projects but thought I'd make it available. It's free to redistribute.

    Basically what it does is it goes through a specific folder (ex if you have a "includes" folder with your program) and adds a header to each .h, .cpp and .cs files (works for C# projects too) with lines of code and who last modified the file (if number of lines changed).

    For .h and .cpp what it also does is it generates a single .h file that has all the .h files first then the .cpp. This allows you to include that single file in your main .cpp file and the inventory takes care of the rest.

    An inventoried program header will look something like this:

    RunUO 2.0 AoV C# script file
    Official Age of Valor Script :: www.uovalor.com
    Last modified by Red Squirrel on Jan-03-2009 07:07:11pm
    Filepath: scripts\_custom\items\misc\VoteStone.cs
    Lines of code: 44

    I can give the source code in .ii format if you are concerned it might be a virus but I assure you it's not. It uses a custom header of mine so it would be cumbersome to include the entire thing.

    Enjoy, I hope you find it useful.
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    http://www.uovalor.com :: Free UO Server

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    Re: C++ Inventory program (useful util)

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