How to call IDL 'modules' from C++?
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Thread: How to call IDL 'modules' from C++?

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    How to call IDL 'modules' from C++?

    IDL has a way of specifying a 'module' which has a name and a list of functions. These functions become known to the user
    via the typelibrary. As the module is not a interface, how do we call these functions in VC++?.
    In VB, I noticed that, if you just include the dll or olb as reference, you can start using those functions directly, as if they are
    available as 'global' functions. However, when I tried to use that olb or dll in VC++ using #import, the generared .tli/tlh files
    don't contain any info about these functions. Class Wizard also gave the same result.
    One example of that type of OLB: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Vba\Vba332.dll
    Can any one please help me out to get those functions for use in VC++?

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    Re: How to call IDL 'modules' from C++?

    Try using CoCreateInstance with the "Module" works for me.

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