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    Thumbs up How to data binding custom objects to print barcode labels with Zebra ZPL printers an

    - Neodynamic ThermalLabel SDK for .NET
    - Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 (or greater)
    - Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 / 2008
    - Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 / 2008 Express Editions (VB, C#, J#, and C++)
    - Any Zebra Thermal Printer supporting ZPL (Zebra Programming Language)

    ThermalLabel SDK supports .NET Data Binding scenarios allowing you to print thermal labels bound to a data source such as custom .NET objects, XML files, Databases, ADO.NET, etc.

    In this guide you will learn how to perform data binding with .NET Custom Objects to print barcode labels with Zebra ZPL printers by using ThermalLabel SDK for .NET

    The following sample features a class called Product with two basic properties: Id and Name. A list of Product and a ThermalLabel objects will be used to perform data binding scenario printing a set of thermal labels for each product as shown in the following figure.

    IMPORTANT: To test the sample code you must have installed a Zebra ZPL thermal printer.

    Follow these steps:
    - Download and install latest version of Neodynamic ThermalLabel SDK for .NET
    - Open Visual Studio 2005 / 2008 and create a Windows Forms application.
    - Add a reference to Neodynamic.SDK.ThermalLabel.dll assembly.
    - Add a Class file and name it Product. After that paste the following code into it:
    Visual Basic .NET
          Public Class Product
          Dim _id As String
          Dim _name As String
          Public Sub New(ByVal id As String, ByVal name As String)
              Me.Id = id
              Me.Name = name
          End Sub
          Public Property Id() As String
                  Return _id
              End Get
              Set(ByVal value As String)
                  _id = value
              End Set
          End Property
          Public Property Name() As String
                  Return _name
              End Get
              Set(ByVal value As String)
                  _name = value
              End Set
          End Property
      End Class
    Visual C# .NET
      public class Product
          string _id;
          string _name;
          public Product(string id, string name)
              this.Id = id;
              this.Name = name;
          public string Id
              get { return _id; }
              set { _id = value; }
          public string Name
              get { return _name; }
              set { _name = value; }
    - Add a Class file and name it Product. After that paste the following code into it:
    Visual Basic .NET
      'Define a ThermalLabel object and set unit to cm and label size
      Dim tLabel As New ThermalLabel(UnitType.Cm, 6, 4)
      'Define a TableShapeItem object
      Dim table As New TableShapeItem(0.5, 0.5, 5, 3, 1, 2)
      'Set stroke thickness
      table.StrokeThickness = 0.05
      'Set first row height
      table.Rows(0).Height = 0.75
      'First Cell settings...
      table.Cells(0, 0).Padding.Top = 0.2
      table.Cells(0, 0).Content = CellContent.Text
      'Set Data Source field...
      table.Cells(0, 0).ContentText.DataField = "Name"
      table.Cells(0, 0).ContentText.TextAlignment = TextAlignment.Center
      table.Cells(0, 0).ContentText.Font.Name = "0"
      table.Cells(0, 0).ContentText.Font.CharHeight = 12
      'Second Cell settings...
      table.Cells(1, 0).Padding.Top = 0.2
      table.Cells(1, 0).Padding.Left = 0.75
      table.Cells(1, 0).Content = CellContent.Barcode
      table.Cells(1, 0).ContentBarcode.Symbology = BarcodeSymbology.Code128
      'Set Data Source field...
      table.Cells(1, 0).ContentBarcode.DataField = "Id"
      table.Cells(1, 0).ContentBarcode.BarWidth = 0.04
      table.Cells(1, 0).ContentBarcode.BarHeight = 1.25
      'Add items to ThermalLabel object...
      'Create data source...
      Dim products As New List(Of Product)
      products.Add(New Product("OO2935", "Olive Oil"))
      products.Add(New Product("CS4948", "Curry Sauce"))
      products.Add(New Product("CH0094", "Chocolate"))
      products.Add(New Product("MZ1027", "Mozzarella"))
      'set data source...
      tLabel.DataSource = products
      'Create a PrintJob object
      Dim pj As New PrintJob()
      'Thermal Printer is connected through USB
      pj.PrinterSettings.Communication.CommunicationType = CommunicationType.USB
      'Set Thermal Printer resolution
      pj.PrinterSettings.Dpi = 203
      'Set Thermal Printer name 
      pj.PrinterSettings.PrinterName = "Zebra  TLP2844-Z"
      'Print ThermalLabel object...
      Visual C# .NET
      //Define a ThermalLabel object and set unit to cm and label size
      ThermalLabel tLabel = new ThermalLabel(UnitType.Cm, 6, 4);
      //Define a TableShapeItem object
      TableShapeItem table = new TableShapeItem(0.5, 0.5, 5, 3, 1, 2);
      //Set stroke thickness
      table.StrokeThickness = 0.05;
      //Set first row height
      table.Rows[0].Height = 0.75;
      //First Cell settings...
      table.Cells[0, 0].Padding.Top = 0.2;
      table.Cells[0, 0].Content = CellContent.Text;
      //Set Data Source field...
      table.Cells[0, 0].ContentText.DataField = "Name";
      table.Cells[0, 0].ContentText.TextAlignment = TextAlignment.Center;
      table.Cells[0, 0].ContentText.Font.Name = "0";
      table.Cells[0, 0].ContentText.Font.CharHeight = 12;
      //Second Cell settings...
      table.Cells[1, 0].Padding.Top = 0.2;
      table.Cells[1, 0].Padding.Left = 0.75;
      table.Cells[1, 0].Content = CellContent.Barcode;
      table.Cells[1, 0].ContentBarcode.Symbology = BarcodeSymbology.Code128;
      //Set Data Source field...
      table.Cells[1, 0].ContentBarcode.DataField = "Id";
      table.Cells[1, 0].ContentBarcode.BarWidth = 0.04;
      table.Cells[1, 0].ContentBarcode.BarHeight = 1.25;
      //Add items to ThermalLabel object...
      //Create data source...
      List<Product> products = new List<Product>();
      products.Add(new Product("OO2935", "Olive Oil"));
      products.Add(new Product("CS4948", "Curry Sauce"));
      products.Add(new Product("CH0094", "Chocolate"));
      products.Add(new Product("MZ1027", "Mozzarella"));
      //set data source...
      tLabel.DataSource = products;
      //Create a PrintJob object
      PrintJob pj = new PrintJob();
      //Thermal Printer is connected through USB
      pj.PrinterSettings.Communication.CommunicationType = CommunicationType.USB;
      //Set Thermal Printer resolution
      pj.PrinterSettings.Dpi = 203;
      //Set Thermal Printer name 
      pj.PrinterSettings.PrinterName = "Zebra  TLP2844-Z";
      //Print ThermalLabel object...
    - Run the sample Windows Forms application and test it.

    This Demo
    More Demos
    Download ThermalLabel SDK for .NET
    More Information about Neodynamic ThermalLabel SDK for .NET

    .NET Components & Controls
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    Re: How to data binding custom objects to print barcode labels with Zebra ZPL printer

    You need code tags, no matter where you post that.

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