Hello Guys,
First off I would like to say thank you in advance to any help that I get! Sorry for being the *** that only makes an account to post problems, But being the low level programmer I am I probably couldnt help.

ok heres the fun.

I work for a company and some guys in a certain department want me to try and program them a small webpage that will run C# code (I only know c# and some C++ but I am more current in C#) I have Visual Studio web 2008 Express because I will need an ASP.net page.

The program is difficult because it will be moving files in and out of sharepoint. I acctually scanned a hand drawn visual aid that I will post later on.

ok now for the problem

The project manager uses Minjet Manger Pro 8, he wants to bypass alot of the sharepoint hierchy using Mindjet which is why i need to write this program.
He wants to link files off of sharepoint to his mindjet using a Website that I will create using ASP.net.

In other words he wants to be able to click the file in minjet it will open the website "I built", The website will open a window that will allow him to click the file he wants check it out of sharepoint, and when he is done with it use the same website "I Made" and check it back in, without having to sift through all the folders.

His goal is to have all the files in one folder on sharepoint, and have links from Mindjet that point to the files. #1 I dont know if that is even possible to link to files on sharepoint and have something will check it in and out. I will most likely need my website to prompt him for his domain information so it can enter when he decides to use sharepoint, but i am just concentrating on writing the code first.

I should need 4 classes
to check file in
check file out
grab user information
one to generate the link so mindjet can find the file.

So can anyone give me any Idea on where to even start?

Ive made the site which consists of 2 buttons and 2 textboxs and at the moment nothing really happens past that. so if anyone can sort of help me get the ball rolling it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

I will post a visual aid in a few.