Have some problems regarding a large Java application I am involved in developing. And this is the common problem I guess as Java applications have become very large in scale. It is not easy to find out what is going wrong in the context of millions of lines of code.

Though there are various tools available to help the developers to address problems in Java applications, by tracking the memory usage, threads, cpu times spent on every single method call, etc. but how to utilize them properly.

Good news is that now the creators Java are coming to India for Sun Microsystems conference named Sun Tech Days, 2009 and in this conference there is whole session dedicated to troubleshooting Java applications.

In this session there is chance to learn by case studies of how different tools can be used for trouble shooting different kind of problems. The involved tools are VisualVM, JConole, JDK commandlines like jinfo, jps, jstack, jmap, and jhat.

This conference is on February 18-20 at HICC Hyderabad, India

More information is available on Suntechdays09