hi all,

need to manage the 4 arrays, in visual c++ .net

By using older practice I could do this as:

int var1[200];

char *string1[200];

double var2[200];

For saving the memory declaration of arrays in advance I want such type of arrays that may be allow be to add the element and its size should be incremented automatically. and all the arrays be be stored in object and the object should be stored in a ArrayList.

I have tried this but not working

i declared a Student calss as

class Student


int var1;

char *string1;

double var2;

Student ( int v, char * str, double d)




and I am trying in this way

ArrayList^ myAL = gcnew ArrayList;

myAL->Add(new Student(3,"abc", 3.4));

but the error comes as

error C2664: 'System::Collections::ArrayList::Add' : cannot convert parameter 1 from 'testarrays::Student *' to 'System::Object ^'

Plz give your opinion about this..

Request:: If Any Visual Cpp program will add me as aijazasoomro@hotmail.com in msn and aijazasoomro@yahoo.com in yahoo messenger then I will be very thankful , because I am in hurry I need to prepare my assignment, and I have few other issues to discuss.

Thanks in Advance.