I have created the UDP socket. I am broadcasting the message to to know which are the machines using this application.

When I debug the program, the broadcasting is successful. But the message is not received....

Can anybody tell why this happened / What is the solution to this.....

Here is my code..........

oid CModifiedSocketDlg :: OnReceiveBroadcast()
	TCHAR    ReceivedBuf[ 70000 ];
	CString  SendersIP;
	TCHAR    m_ScError[25];
	UINT     SendersPort = 8;
	int      ChekReceived;

	ChekReceived = UDPSockptr -> ReceiveFrom( ReceivedBuf, 69999, SendersIP, SendersPort );
	if ( ChekReceived == SOCKET_ERROR )      
		wsprintf( m_ScError, "Failed to create Socket %i  Close And Restart application", GetLastError());
		AfxMessageBox ( m_ScError );
		//TCHAR sazError[256];
		//wsprintf(sazError, "OnReceive bytes: %d", ChekReceived);
		//AfxMessageBox (sazError);
		AfxMessageBox( "I come in OnReceive" );
		CString Disp = ReceivedBuf;
		m_ReceivedData += Disp;
		UpdateData( FALSE );

I get the error .. "Failed to create the socket 10035, close & restart application"
Then program crashes.