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    Interesting Internet Issue

    I'm currently in Korea and Koreans have quite a few differences in the infrastructure of the internet which makes the entire country use Windows XP only. This deals with security protocol as I remember reading an article, anyways, I doubt that that has anything to do with my problem.

    My problem:
    When my computer (Vista 32) sits idle on the internet for a period of time, the internet stops working until i restart the computer or re-log into the computer.

    This could be a simple fix because I have disabled a few services, many are on manual however. When I was in America I always connected to the internet through a network, now i'm connected directly via a modem.

    The problem is annoying and any insight as to why it happens or what can be done about it would be much appriciated.

    Much obliged, Kenny.

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    Re: Interesting Internet Issue

    Have you tried upgrading your device drivers?
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    Re: Interesting Internet Issue

    I went and checked out the network settings and the person who installed the internet here did do a good job. He made several errors and I actually had two LAN's that did the same thing and they seemed to be conflicting when the computer was idle.

    I just deleted the networks and changed a few settings and it seems to be working now.

    Device drivers were up to date. Thanks for the advice though.

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