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Thread: Rendering XML with Style Sheets

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    Rendering XML with Style Sheets

    hi guys,
    i have some conflicts in understanding the render process of XML , HTML has the problem of "cross-browser rendering" which means that you can not control how html tags displayed and specifically you could not determine the layout of the web page.For example, paragraphs marked up with the <p> tag might have been displayed in a 12-point Arial font in a certain browser. A different browser might have used a 14-point Helvetica font. The point is that the browsers made the presentation decisions, not the documents themselves, which is in keeping with the general concept of a markup language. As you probably know, things changed quickly for HTML when the popularity

    in another hand,i read that "style sheets still don’t have complete control over how XML content appears" and the address this problem to "cross-medium rendering" so my question what is the different between cross-medium rendering and cross-browser rendering ?

    i can not find any logical difference in 2 concept ?

    The difference between CSS and XSLT is the that CSS allows you to style HTML documents (XSLT cannot) so when i convert my xml doc to HTML this not style? so what is consider this convert ? and when i convert the problem of layout will appear or not?

    Thanks in Advance
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    Re: Rendering XML with Style Sheets


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