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Thread: Which mobile platform should be used?

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    Which mobile platform should be used?

    Dear Reader,

    I want to develop a mobile application which has access to the user's current gps data - or the position being fetched by the transmitter masts. And I want the app to have access to the internet. All with the user's permission. And it should be possible to quote the user for a service.

    Which platform should be used, which works on most mobile phones? Should I prefer a web application*?



    *I think accessing the coordinates via web might not be permitted normally, am I wrong?

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    Re: Which mobile platform should be used?

    I only have some experience developing for Windows Mobile based devices, so this is only a partial response to your numerous questions (I am also interested in hearing some discussion on this topic):

    Here is some documentation from Microsoft regarding GPS app development:

    The Windows Mobile 5 and 6 SDKs contain samples that show how to work with GPS data in both C++ and C#. I don't know if GPS development is possible with pre WM 5.
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    Re: Which mobile platform should be used?

    You can use fring. check the developer site at: https://developers.fring.com/ go to the documentation. There is API that provides all these services seamlessly for you, since they do all the job. Check it out.

    Hope that helped,

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    Re: Which mobile platform should be used?

    I have no idea about mobile platform but here suggested a good site for you by gurge60.

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