I am very new to C++ graphical programming and i am currently attempting to create a bat and ball game on a circle plane, right now I can't get the texture onto the plane, I have managed to load the texture but that is about it
The code I used for loading the BMP is:

//Load the Bitmap File
char* file = "ground2.bmp";

//COnvert into array of Bytes
GLubyte* byteArray;
//ConvertRGB(BITMAPINFO *info, void*bits)
byteArray = ConvertRGB(bmp,pixels);


The circle constructor is in the same .cpp as the bmp loading, "Tground.cpp"
I have a "TdisplayImp.cpp", "Bitmap.cpp" and Tmatrix.cpp"

I'm not sure how I am supposed to apply the texture to the plane, I appreciate any help, i'll supply as much code as i can, I didn't put it all up just for space.